1. How did a 19 year-old start this without any funding or experience?!
Maacah is smart, creative, resourceful--and, most importantly--supported by wonderful creatives who trust her vision and lend her their talents.

2. She sounds awesome; can she speak to my organization/school, or at my event?
She'd love to; head over to maacah.com to send her more info!

3. Who is belladonna for?
The woman who understands that the blue she's wearing isn't just blue...it's cerulean. aka fashion-conscious multicultural millennial women who are worldly, cultured, well traveled, smart, and creative.

4. How can I work with you?
At this time,  we only offer print publication credit to editorial contributors. College interns receive course credit. Send your resume to work[at]belladonnamag.org, and let us know why you want to work with us.

5. Can I submit editorials for publication?
We appreciate it, but we would much rather prefer to work with you to create something that uniquely fits our brand and vision. Please send your portfolio to work[at]belladonnamag.org, and let's talk about possibilities.