Playtime at the Gardens

words + photography + editing by Maacah.
model: Meagan Lucinda

"Flowers + crowns" are to Maacah Davis, what "sunglasses + a sharp bob" are to Anna Wintour.

I finally worked up the courage to--not only put my hands on my DSLR, but also try my hand at editing from scratch (I'm so proud of this color-grading!). I don't want to be photographer by trade, but I've always felt it important to know how to do everything it takes to bring this magazine to life and print. I don't have to be the best, but I have to be capable. So, here we are.
This time last year, I was taking some leftover flowers from a finished event to turn an old friend into the literal poster child for carefree Black girlhood at Railroad Park. I filtered that cellphone photo to the high heavens, before posting it to social media with the caption, "...practicing "fauxtography" with my iPhone. One day soon, I'll be good enough to play with a real camera."

keep promises to yourself; it feels so good. Meagan, lovely, thank you for lending me your face.

words + photography + editing by Maacah.
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